For a better County, State, & Country, VOTE the WINNING TICKET
  • Cory Gardner, U.S. Senator
  • Scott Tipton, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Bob Beauprez, Governor
  • Wayne Williams, Secretary of State
  • Walker Stapleton, State Treasurer
  • Cynthia Coffman, Attorney General
  • Marcia Neal, State Board of Education
  • Ellen Roberts, State Senator
  • Don Coram, State Representative
  • Glen Davis, County Commissioner
  • Fran Long, County Clerk & Recorder
  • Rosemary Murphy, County Treasurer
  • Brad Hughes, County Assessor
  • Rick Dunlap, County Sheriff
  • Thomas "Doc" Canfield, County Coroner

2014 Ballot Issues and Judge Retention

At the October 16th Central Committee Meeting the 2014 Ballot Issues as well as Judge Retention Questions were discussed to determine if any recommendations should come from the Central Committee on the Ballot Questions and Judge Retention.  Following are results of that discussion as well as the recommendations:
  • Judge Retention - the Central Committee did not have any compelling information about any of the 6 judges on the ballot that would warrant a recommendation either way.  The recommendation on each of the judges is personal choice of the voter.
  • Amendment 67 (Definition of Person and Child) and Amendment 68 (Horse Racetrack Casino Gambling) - the Central Committee voted unanimously to VOTE NO on both of these ballot issues.  Each of these Ballot questions was tested against OUR PRINCIPLES and protection of the Constitution is a key element of those principles.  Since neither issue was so overly important to amend the Constitution it was recommended to vote no.  Issues about each was brought up at the meeting; however, the over-riding fact is that these were petition generated Amendments to the Constitution and the Central Committee could not recommend changing it.
  • Proposition 104 (School Board Meeting Requirements) and Proposition 105 (Labeling Genetically Modified Foods) - the Central Committee voted unanimously to VOTE NO on both of these ballot issues.  Each of these Propositions was also tested against OUR PRINCIPLES and it was determined that neither passed the test.  The general feeling was that we elect members of the State Legislative to create or modify our State Statutes and these issues were brought to the ballot by petition of a group of people and not our Elected Representatives or Senators.  Neither issue was so overpowering that Statutes should be changed.  The Central Committee felt that our existing Statutes were sufficient for openness in School Board meetings and that there are particular reasons for Executive Sessions provided that decisions are made in the Public purview.  The Central Committee felt that labeling requirements for Proposition 105 would severely raise the price of food as well as State Governmental costs for monitoring and the benefits would definitely not warrant these costs or price increases.
  • RE-1J Question 3A (Increase Taxes on a Referred Measure) - the Central Committee voted unanimously to leave this question to the personal choice of the voter and did not make a recommendation for or against.

Headquarters Location is OPEN

The Montrose Republican Headquarters location for the 2014 election cycle is open and ready to assist our Candidates in making this a very successful election.  The address is 721 South Townsend Avenue (across from the High School).  The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 6:00pm,  Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and Saturday from 10:00am to Noon.  If you would like to volunteer at Headquarters, please stop by the location and let someone know; we will gladly accept your contribution of time and set up a schedule that will work for all of us.

We have Candidate literature, campaign signs, and general information available at Headquarters if you would like to help promote any of our Republican Candidates.

October 2014 Newsletter

In an effort to provide updates from our Elected Officials and Central Committee Chairs we will be compiling a monthly newsletter/report.  Click Here to view the October Newsletter.


If you are interested in assisting Montrose County Republicans, we would be delighted to have your help. We are constantly looking for people to help with various tasks. To best handle the various needs and the various individuals willing to help, we have created a database to which we can refer when a specific need arises. With that in mind please take a few minutes to complete and submit our volunteer survey by clicking on this link. Simply complete the survey and submit to Dave Laursen, Chairman, at or


If you would like to donate to the Montrose Republican Party, please use the "Donate" button below. Your donation will be used locally to help Republican Candidates at all levels of Government win elections as well as advance the principles of the Montrose Republican Party.

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Upcoming Events

  • Monday, October 20th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm - Congressman Cory Gardner Meet and Greet at Remax Building on Commercial Way
  • Wednesday, October 22nd from 11:00am to Noon  - Congressman Scott Tipton will be at Montrose Republican Headquarters
  • Tuesday, November 4th - Election Day; be sure to get your ballots turned in by this date
  • Tuesday, November 4th beginning at 6:00pm - Victory Party at Davis Service Center on East Main Street, Montrose
  • Thursday, November 13th - Social time prior to Central Committee Meeting at Education Services Board room
  • Thursday, November 13th - Central Committee Meeting at Education Services Board room, 930 Colorado Avenue